The admissions to the PhD program in mathematics is governed by the School of Mathematical Sciences and Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research. Each year, we take an average of 5—7 students into PhD study in probability. The duration of the program is usually 5-year long. Students take foundational courses in various areas of mathematics in their first year, and start dissertation after passing the qualifying exam.

We offer a variety of graduate level courses in probability, including foundational courses in probability, stochastic processes, and stochastic analysis. There is also one topic course every semester offered by one of our faculty members, highlighting an active area of current research.

The group has a friendly, collaborative and active atmosphere, as well as ideal student-faculty ratio. Our faculty research spans many of the subareas of modern probability, including discrete probability, interacting partical systems, random geometry, statistical mechanics, stochastic analysis, stochastic PDEs, theoretical computer sciences, etc.

More information about our PhD study in probability will be updated.