In celebration of 110th anniversary of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University


October 16-20, 2023


Peking University


Ilia Binder (Toronto)
Erwin Bolthausen (U. Zurich)
Xinxin Chen (Beijing Normal Univ.)
Amir Dembo (Stanford)
Yu Deng (USC)
Tadahisa Funaki (BIMSA)
Christophe Garban (Lyon)
Vadim Gorin (Berkeley)
Martin Hairer (EPFL & Imperial)
Lujing Huang (Fujian Normal Univ.)
Juan Li (Shandong Univ.)
Xue-Mei Li (EPFL & Imperial)
Eyal Lubetzky (NYU Courant)
Terry Lyons (Oxford)
Chuck Newman (NYU Courant)
Felix Otto (MPI Leipzig)
Eviatar Procaccia (Technion)
Wei Qian (City U. Hong Kong)
Remi Rhodes (Marseille)
Pierre-Francois Rodriguez (Imperial)
Gordon Slade (UBC)
Allan Sly (Princeton)
Hao Wu (Tsinghua)
Lian Wu (Central South Univ.)
Xiangchan Zhu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Participation of this conference is free but registration is required. Participants should arrange their own accommodation and meals. Participants from outside Peking University also need pre-arrangement to access the PKU campus. Those who need arrangement of access to the campus should register by Monday, 25 September. PhD students and postdocs should also ask their academic advisor to write a reference letter and send to by the same date.

The number of people whom we can apply for access to the PKU campus is limited by the university. If the number of applicants exceed this limit, we may not be able to guarantee access to everyone.

Registration link & QR code: